Planning & Management: Region 6


The SECED region is also known as the Planning and Management Region Number 6, which is one of 14 in Colorado. In the early 1970s, the Federal Government encouraged Colorado to recognize uniform boundaries to provide for consistency of relationship, communications, process, and efficiencies to provide services. As a result, SECED has established long-term contractual relationships with many state agencies to provide service.

Most state agencies have access to “special” funds. SECED performs the required planning functions to establish federal and state program eligibility for single local governments and the region. Due to matching constraints, SECED selects the types of services based on regional priorities, demand, and staffing constraints then pursues opportunities for regional funding.

SECED also considers various types of applications on behalf of our member local governments to determine if the proposals are consistent with regional planning priorities. Sources may include, but are not limited to, State of Colorado Departments of Agriculture, Correction, Education, Health, Labor, Local Affairs, Military Affairs, Natural Resources, Justice, Public Safety, Regulatory Agencies, Revenue, Social Services, Transportation and the Governor’s Office.