Otero County

Otero County is centrally located in the Southeastern region of Colorado and considered a trade hub for the area. Founded in 1889 is was named in honor of Miguel Antonio Otero, an early businessman, banker, politician, and railroad promoter. Today the area is rich with recreational activities, historical sites, and western traditions as well as birding trails, excellent schools, and opportunities for business expansion and relocation. With mild winters and hot summers, the semi-arid climate is excellent for ranching and farming. Most employment for the citizens is found in the area of industry, agriculture, historical sites, and reacreational activities. The county is a wildlife paradise rich with deer, elk, big horn sheep, antelope, bobcats, and over 400 species of birds. The museums, cultural events, recreation, and local amenities enhance the attraction of the area as a great place to visit but a better place to live.

Home to the towns of La Junta, Cheraw, Fowler, Manzanola, Rocky Ford, and Swink

At a glance

  • La Junta (The Junction), county seat
  • Population (2015) 18,343
  • Area 1,268 square miles/14.8 people per sq. mile
  • Average Elevation 3,600 feet
  • Diverse terrain
  • Cost of living index 83.05%
  • Unemployment rate (2016) 4.0%
  • Median age 42.9 years
  • Low crime rate/safe towns
  • Clean air
  • Historical and agricultural heritage
  • Diverse business base
  • Semi-arid climate
  • Average annual precipitation 13 inches
  • Public schools/6 Districts provide K-12 education
  • Otero Junior College
  • Multiple churches
  • Hospital
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Airport

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